Danh Sách Chương Manga: The King’s Seat

Truyện này có 5,067 chương và đã được cập nhật full. Mời các bạn đón đọc!

Ch. 1 Mariagioa Ch. 2 Slave mark Ch. 3 Arena, gladiator Ch. 4 Shocked four Ch. 5 Desperate Counterattack Ch. 6 One trick to kill Ch. 7 Five-kill Ch. 8 One is king, one is emperor Ch. 9 Swordsmanship Ch. 10 Adrian's reward Ch. 11 Why bother each other Ch. 12 Moon Slasher Dance Ch. 13 This day, not too far Ch. 14 Do you dare to kill the Tianlongren? Ch. 15 What i want you can't afford Ch. 16 The only reliance Ch. 17 Arena again Ch. 18 The weak and the strong Ch. 19 Kill Ghost Dance (first more) Ch. 20 Bring your dignity (second more) Ch. 21 Soul sustenance (third more) Ch. 22 Are you tired? Ch. 23 Follow me, give you glory! Ch. 24 A strong enemy appears Ch. 25 Sweet fruit Ch. 26 Fight hard Ch. 27 Zanpakuto Hiramumaru Ch. 28 Beheading begins Ch. 29 I have come to fulfill my promise Ch. 30 Murloc Tiger Ch. 31 Devil Li Yi Ch. 32 Hancock's smile Ch. 33 Chambord Islands Ch. 34 The sea has your freedom Ch. 35 Great God does not give rewards! Ch. 36 Domineering Ch. 37 Semi-lifting system Ch. 38 Sweet and sweet Ch. 39 The feeling of being cared for Ch. 40 I want your boat Ch. 41 Evil thief Ch. 42 Good night, Hancock Ch. 43 Are you afraid? Ch. 44 You think you spiderman Ch. 45 Spike Ch. 46 Slash Ch. 47 Cut you Ch. 48 Famous move Ch. 49 Main mission, become one piece Ch. 50 If i am king